Delivery Information

Our logs can be bought in a variety of ways and we will work with you to ensure you have the most cost effective option for your circumstances.

Bulk Bags

These are all loose filled and measure a metre by a metre at the base and come in various heights E.g. a bag with a height of 1.2 m give a volume of 1.2m3.

The 1.2m3 bags have a tie top and are waterproof so can be left outside.

The 1.4m3 and the 1.6m3 are not waterproof and need to be stored undercover or emptied and the logs stored undercover.

The bags are delivered by our small log lorry and lifted off using the hiab (crane). (The lorry is 2.8m wide and the hiab can reach a further 4 metres). We are able to move the bags once they are lifted off, over a smooth surface using a pallet truck. For example up the drive and into your garage. Please let us know when ordering if you require this service so we can bring the pallet truck! Please note the lorry can only drive and tip on hard standing.

Loose Loads

Loose loads are tipped as close to the customer’s ideal position as possible. The lorry can only drive and tip on hard standing.
A loose load of logs is 2.2m3 (loose filled) and a double load 4.4m3.


This is only available for delivery alongside an order of logs. The kindling is netted and measures approximately 60cm by 40cm.

Where we deliver

We are based in Clun, South Shropshire and we deliver to the following postal codes for FREE;

SY9 5LA, SY9 5LB, SY9 5LD, SY9 5LE, SY9 5LF, SY7 8HZ, SY7 8JA, SY7 8JB, SY7 8JD, SY7 8JE, SY7 8JF, SY7 8JG, SY7 8JH, SY7 8JJ, SY7 8JL, SY7 8JN, SY7 8JP, SY7 8JQ, SY7 8JR, SY7 8JS, SY7 8JT, SY7 8JU, SY7 8JW, SY7 8JX, SY7 8JY, SY7 8JZ, SY7 8LA, SY7 8LB, SY7 8LD, SY7 8LE, SY7 8LG, SY7 8LH, SY7 8LJ, SY7 8LL, SY7 8LN, SY7 8LP, SY7 8LQ, SY7 8LR, SY7 8LS, SY7 8LT, SY7 8LX, SY7 8LY, SY7 8LZ, SY7 8NA, SY7 8NB, SY7 8ND, SY7 8NE, SY7 8NF, SY7 8NG, SY7 8NJ, SY7 8NL, SY7 8NN, SY7 8NP, SY7 8NW, SY7 8NX, SY7 8NY, SY7 8NZ, SY7 8PA, SY7 8PB, SY7 8PE, SY7 8QA, SY7 8QB, SY7 8QD, SY7 8QE, SY7 8QF, SY7 8QG, SY7 8QH, SY7 8QJ, SY7 8QL, SY7 8QN, SY7 8QP, SY7 8QW, SY7 0HP, SY7 0HR, SY7 0HT, SY7 0HU, SY7 0HX, SY7 0HY, SY7 0HZ, SY7 0JA, SY7 0JB, SY7 0JD, SY7 0JE, SY7 0QH, SY7 0QQ, SY7 0BP, SY7 0BS, SY7 0BT, SY7 0BU, SY7 0BW, SY7 0BX, SY7 0BY, SY7 0BZ, SY7 0DA.

We can also deliver within a 30-mile radius of our base for between £5.00 and £25.00 – simply enter your postcode on checkout to find out shipping costs (and if we deliver in your area).