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Excellent heat output

The Solid Fuel Association state that to achieve the same level of heat output you would need to burn twelve unseasoned logs but only three kiln dried logs. This is because we have removed the log’s moisture in the kiln so the heat the log produces as it burns can be given off to keep you warm and is not needed by the log to dry itself out first!

Cleaner burning

Wet logs produce water as they burn, this can condense on the inside your chimney along with gases and other particles from the burning log and cause blockages and corrosion. Kiln dried logs are cleaner burning and this also means less trips out with the ash pan!

Value for money

Because you need less of them, they burn hotter and are cleaner burning they represent excellent value for money!

Logs are cut to 10” long (25cm) which is an ideal length to fit on wood burners and open fires and have a moisture content of between 15 and 20%. One loose load is approximately 2.3m cube (unstacked) – any combination of a load can be ordered (half or double for example). The bagged loads are based on bags a metre wide by a metre deep with various heights of 1.2m, 1.4m and 1.6m. (for example the 1.4m high bag gives an size of 1.4 metre cube).

For prices and delivery costs (we offer free local delivery) please contact Michael and Helen Oliver of The Clun Log Company on:

T: 01588 640 910
M: 07909 834 223
E: [email protected]